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Unveiling Singapore's Flourishing Beauty Industry: Consumer Insights

In the bustling heart of Singapore, a beauty revolution is underway, and the consumer insights numbers speak volumes. According to the latest Cosmetics and Personal Care Report, Singapore's beauty and personal care sector is gearing up to unleash a financial storm, with a staggering US$1.14 billion in revenue anticipated for 2023. This meteoric rise, soaring high above the predicted US$1.056 million in 2019, paints a vivid picture of an industry in bloom, flourishing with unprecedented vigor.

singapore beauty industry consumer insights
Singapore's Beauty Industry

What's propelling this astounding growth, you might ask? The digital realm is undeniably at the forefront, with a whopping 32% of the industry's revenue expected to be generated through online sales by 2023. The very essence of beauty, it seems, is finding a new home in the virtual landscape, where choices are vast, and possibilities, endless.

In the realm of skincare, Singaporean hearts beat to the rhythm of K-beauty, as evidenced by the unwavering trust placed in Korean brands like Innisfree and Laneige. These names reign supreme, illuminating the Beauty Industry Consumer Behavior Report of 2023. Cetaphil, a beacon of reliability, secures the third spot, leaving a trail of satisfied customers in its wake.

Switching gears to haircare, L’Oreal Paris stands tall as the paragon of trust, a consistent favorite in 2023 as it was in the previous year. Yet, it’s the rise of L’Occitane, ascending to the second spot, and Dove, claiming a solid third, that showcases the dynamic nature of Singapore’s beauty preferences.

And in the mesmerizing world of makeup, Dior Beauty emerges as the new sovereign, dethroning Innisfree from its first-place pedestal. The winds of change also touch Bobbi Brown and Maybelline, lifting them to the echelons of consumer trust. These shifts underline the ever-changing landscape of beauty, where innovation and quality resonate deeply with makeup aficionados.

But what truly sets apart the pioneers in this industry is their keen understanding of the Singaporean woman’s beauty concerns. Through meticulous research, it’s been unveiled that damaged/dry hair, a concern shared by 40.99% of women, holds the sixth position among these worries. Hot on its heels are frizzy hair, haunting 36.04% of beauty enthusiasts, and uneven skin tone, troubling 35.49% of the population.

For those crafting the future of beauty, these insights are priceless gems. Understanding these concerns isn't merely about identifying pain points; it’s about empathizing, connecting, and delivering solutions that transcend mere products. It’s about weaving a narrative that resonates with the soul of every consumer, promising not just physical transformation, but also a profound sense of confidence and empowerment.




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