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Esports organizations in South Korea

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

As we know, South Korea is an epicenter for the esports industry, boasting an online community of avid gamers and a multi-billion-dollar market to support them. With such a vibrant ecosystem, it's no surprise that the country is home to a number of top-tier esports organizations.

Esports organizations in South Korea
Esports organizations in South Korea

KeSPA (Korea Esports Association) stands as a pivotal institution in the Korean esports scene. Their dedicated management of esports and continual funding of tournaments through partnerships, sponsorships, and distribution of content showcases their profound impact.

IEOC Korea (International Esports Omnipotent Committee) and IESF (International Esports Federation) are other key players, organizing both national and international esports tournaments respectively, ensuring Korean esports has a global reach.

If we turn our focus to the competitive gaming teams, LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) is a leading professional league in South Korea. The league has produced globally acclaimed teams like SK Telecom T1 (or T1), known for their dominance in League of Legends, and DRX, another fierce competitor.

Gen.G, another prominent gaming team, showcases their versatility by competing in a wide array of esports games, including League of Legends, Overwatch, and PUBG.

Beyond these giants, South Korea also fosters a flourishing grassroots esports culture with local leagues and tournaments. Plus, global esports organizers such as ESL, Riot Games, and Ubisoft have established regional leagues in the country, contributing to an incredibly diverse and dynamic esports landscape.


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