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(JP) 食品価格上昇で日本の消費行動が変化、米国産豚肉カットへの需要が高まるs

You can read the English version here


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Changes Experienced in Japan




Consumer Behavior Changes

Traditional Behavior: Japanese consumers typically use thinly sliced pork loins for dishes such as shabu-shabu and tonkatsu.


New Behavior: With USMEF's marketing efforts, consumers are now learning to prepare roast pork using U.S. pork loin slices, adapting to a cooking method that doesn’t require ovens.


Awareness and Health Trends

Traditional Awareness: There has been a general preference for locally sourced protein sources.


New Awareness: There is increasing recognition of protein's importance, especially among the aging population and health-conscious younger generations. U.S. pork is now seen as a nutritious and high-quality alternative.


Economic Adaptations

Traditional Spending: Consumers have historically prioritized premium local ingredients despite higher costs

New Spending Habits: Due to rising food prices, consumers are adjusting their budgets, looking for cost-effective yet quality protein sources like U.S. pork.


Marketing and Social Media Influence


Traditional Media Consumption: Older generations rely on routine and familiar sources for meal inspiration.

New Media Consumption: Younger consumers, influenced by platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, are now more receptive to social media-driven culinary trends. USMEF leverages these platforms to promote U.S. pork, utilizing influencers to reach a broader audience.





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